Thank you for your support of our company. Follow the How to Care below to prolong the life of your products.


  • Avoid storage in a hot or humid place, or coming in contact with water. If a contact with water happens, blot the area with a clean white cotton cloth and air dry it to minimise the occurrence of stains or watermarks.

  • To avoid discoloration, do not use patent leather or leather items with a subdued tint while wearing dark or fugitive-colored denim. Vice versa, avoid wearing clothing with subdued colors while using dark-colored leather items.

  • When the product is not in use, clean the surface with a soft cloth before putting it away in storage. Pad or stuff some cotton papers inside to maintain the shape of the product and store in a storage bag to prolong the integrity of it. To avoid mildew attack and embrittlement, it's recommended that the product should be in use on monthly basis.  

  • It's recommended all products are kept in a well-ventilated place and stored separately to avoid occurrence of adhesion, discoloration, deformation or cracks.

  • Due to the nature of genuine leather, some marks, coloration or abrasion may occur on the surface; use a soft cotton cloth and leather oil to treat the surface periodically in order to reduce discoloration, maintain the softness and prolong the product life.

  • Synthetic leather care: for matte leather, wipe with a soft cloth; for patent leather, use a scarce amount of leather oil on a clean cotton cloth and evenly rub it on the surface; for suede, use a soft bristle brush to clean the dirt and dust off the surface.

  • Products may have various capacities depending on the materials and the methods of assemblage and adhesion. To avoid damage or breakage, it's recommended that the products are not overloaded with weight.


  • To prevent damage to the accessory (e.g. discoloration, corrosion of the coating, or oxidation of the crystal gel), please ensure it does not come into contact with chemicals or materials which are acidic or alkaline.
  • Please do not wear the accessory if you engage in activities which cause excessive perspiration, when washing your face, or when in the hot spring, shower or swimming pool. (Freshwater baths should also be avoided.)
  • Please avoid direct contact with chemical products such as lotions, fragrances, or hair gel. Wait at least five minutes after spraying perfume or applying hair gel before wearing the accessory.
  • It is recommended to keep a few sets of accessories on hand to wear interchangeably. To prolong the lifespan of the accessory, please wear and store according to the instructions and avoid wearing the same accessory for a prolonged period, especially in the summer since the coating may easily be affected by direct contact with perspiration.
  • To avoid breakage or other inadvertent damage, please do not wear the accessory while sleeping!
  • After removing the accessory, please gently wipe the crystals and metal segments with a dry cotton cloth to eliminate any moisture, sweat, or other residue which could cause oxidation. Place the accessory in a zipped pouch before storing in the original box. This will prevent oxidation of the crystal, corrosion, or discoloration due to exposure to moisture or chemicals.
  • Please adopt a careful maintenance regime for your accessory to minimize oxidation and prolong the adhesiveness of the crystals.


  • It's recommended to use dishwashing liquid or eyewear cleaner to clean the lenses. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry gently with soft lint-free tissues. Avoid using any lotion-based hand wash or body wash, or coming in contact with harsh chemicals. If the eyewear comes in contact with swimming pool water, dry immediately to avoid deterioration of the lenses.

  • When storing the eyewear, wrap the lenses in a flannel cloth. Most glasses should be folded in from the left side of the frame first. If folding from the right side with force, it may cause the frame to be crooked or tilted as well as some discomfort upon wearing.

  • Use both hands to put on or remove glasses. To avoid unwanted pressure on the eyewear, store it in a hard shell glasses case when not in use; the convex side of the lenses should not be faced down.

  • Resin lenses are not heat resistant. Do not leave them in high temperature locations such as hot springs, the inside of a car in summer, bathrooms or sauna. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat as it may cause discoloration or deformation.

  • Wearing glasses for a long period of time may cause the screws on the frame to come loose; it's recommended visiting an eyewear store periodically for adjustment of the frame and maintenance.


  • Footwear is regarded as a consumable and due to reasons of personal hygiene, it is not returnable or exchangeable once being worn. If any damaged parts require any repairs, a quotation will be provided at the maintenance service after an inspection.    

  • Some footwear is made of natural materials, discoloration or color fading may occur in a damp environment or upon coming in contact with sweat.

  • Rubber footwear is made of PVC; to avoid breakage, do not run or do intense activities while wearing it.

  • Footwear made of genuine leather should avoid exposure to direct sunlight, rain, water or chemicals. To avoid damage, the footwear should not be worn for activities such as exercising, hiking, trekking in snow, sand...etc.

  • If the footwear is affected by damp, swipe gently with a clean dry cloth and store it in a cool place. Avoid extensive exposure to heat, sunlight or the use of a hairdryer.

  • To avoid occurrence of adhesion, discoloration or deformation in a humid or sultry environment, all products should be kept in a well-ventilated place and stored separately. Extreme temperature may cause cracks or discoloration on the surface of shoes.

  • The metal parts of the footwear should be frequently maintained with a dry cloth to avoid occurrence of oxidation in a humid and saline environment.

  • Products made with eco-friendly materials are susceptible to embrittlement in storage for a long period of time. It's recommended that the footwear is worn on a monthly basis to prolong the product life.

  • Products made with eco-friendly materials may be affected by damp; clean with a dry cloth and store them in a well-ventilated place. Avoid storage in a humid and sultry environment. Otherwise, hydrolyzation, cracks or damages may appear on the sole.


  • It is suggested that chocolate is preserved in a cool place with a temperature below 23 degrees Celsius.
  • Please do not expose chocolate to high temperatures, do not keep it in a suitcase or car trunk to avoid melting.
  • Please consume chocolate as soon as possible once it is opened. If unfinished, please seal and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Sugar crystals or frost-like white bloom will form on the surface of chocolate if it is re-coagulated after melting. This is a normal phenomenon, and there is no need to worry.

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